Math 1113 PreCalculus (Online) - Course Information

(Please read carefully and check back often.  Newer postings are at the bottom of the page.)

Hi,  (1)

Welcome to Math 1113 PreCalculus Online at East Georgia College!

I'm sending a quick message to make sure you know that you will be required to take your MIDTERM and FINAL EXAM in a proctored setting.
HonorLock  is an option where you don't have to come to campus to take your tests. There is an additional fee if you use the HonorLock service. 
If you do not wish to participate in remote proctored exams, you may notify your faculty member at least a week prior to the date of the exam 
and schedule to take the exam at the ACE from one of the three EGSC campuses. The exam must be taken during the same period of time as 
the remote proctored exam. If you do wish to participate in remote proctored exams, you must sign and return a consent approval on the 
D2L class site to your faculty member prior to the first proctored exam date.

You need to have taken Math 1111 College Algebra and made at least a "C" grades BEFORE you can take this course.

I have 3 additional chapter tests scheduled that will be done online with MyMathLab. 

I will be sending several emails very soon about the course as the semester starts.

For now here is a quick list of things you should do this first week of class:

1. GET YOUR MYMATHLAB PASSCODE! (more emails will follow about this!) 
: You should be able to use the same passcode that you used for Math 1111 College Algebra.

-Check your EGSC email (CatMail) for a message from BryteWave (Be sure and keep this email).
A BryteWave account has been created using your school log in credentials.

-Go to:
(click on the web link or copy and paste this address if necessary.)

-Log In with your EGSC username and password.You should be able to find your
preloaded material on your Shelf including your MyMathLab access code.
It is a access code with six five-letter words.  That is the code you need. Copy that code to the clipboard.

-Now follow the instructions to register in MyMathLab. These are located in your D2L class listed as step 2.

2. Download and read the syllabus carefully. Print a copy and keep it close to hand. (It can be found on D2L)

3. Take the syllabus quiz (Check your CatMail email for a link).  You must score an 100 on this quiz (Keep taking it until you do!)

4. Start viewing the class video lectures and begin working on the first section of homework.


This is the primary way I will be communicating with you in the course.
Please email me at  You should include your first and last name and what course you are in.
I will respond with 24 hours during the week and 48 hours during the weekends and holidays.

Contact me if you have any questions. 

Mr. Barrs


Subject:  Math 1113 online course format?  (2)


Are you sure about taking this course in a online format?

Please take a minute or two to read the following information as we start the semester.

Follow this link with your web browser: webdelivered.pdf

More emails are to follow. Contact me if you have questions!  (My email:

Stay tuned!

Mr. Barrs

Subject: Math 1113 online beginning info  (3)


Let me first mention that drop/add goes on the first 3 days of the semester. After reading this info you may decide to not take this course in a online format. You can change your schedule these first 3 days. Consider the following questions:

1-Do you have several hours a week (probably daily) to study in front of a computer for this course? 
2-Are you comfortable with technology?
3-Is a web-delivered format compatible with your learning style?
4-Are you a self motivated learner?

If you have problems with these 4 questions this course may not be for you. Contact me if you have questions! (My email:

Please don't make the mistake that this course is "easy" or any different because its online!  I assure you this is the same course that's taught every semester its just in an online format! In designing the course I basically translated my "in class format" to an "online format". I would like to mention though that I think there are many advantages to taking the course in a "online" format. I will discuss these advantages at a later time.

I'm writing this information to try to answer most of the questions I've been getting recently about the course. Hopefully this will answer most of the questions you may have. I'll try not to ramble and keep the message short but understand there are some very important things to discuss as the semester starts!

I'll be sending emails throughout the semester. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL VERY OFTEN!  I suggest checking it daily maybe several times a day. I won't send out emails everyday necessarily but you'll get other emails relating to being a student at East Georgia College.

Okay here we go!      Yes some of this information will be repeated!

1) You don't have to buy a traditional printed textbook for the course BUT you do HAVE to get a MyMathLab passcode for the course. Note you will need to enter our MyMathLab Course ID when you register with your passcode (sent to your EGSC email address). PLEASE GET YOUR MYMATHLAB CODE AND RESISTER YOURSELF AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO GET YOUR MYMATHLAB PASSCODE YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME.

2) You will have 3 regular tests during the semester which will be done on MyMathLab. You will be required to take your MIDTERM and FINAL EXAM for the course in a proctored setting. You may have to come to campus to take these 2 tests. The test dates are on the course calendar.  If you can't come to campus to take the tests YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. (My email:  I highly recommend visiting the tutorial center on campus if you have problems with the course.

3) The TI-83/84 graphing calculator is required for the course. No unauthorized material may be stored in a calculator. Your calculator memory should be empty. NO CELL PHONES used as calculators! You can get by with a scientific calculator but all the instruction I give in class will be based on the TI-83/84.

Other emails will follow.

Mr. Barrs

First day of class.  (THERE IS A LOT TO READ HERE!)   READ CAREFULLY!  (4)

There are several "parts" of the course you need to get familiar with as soon as possible:

Go to the main EGC website: and find the icon (myEGSC) to get started. Login to (myEGSC) and find this info on the website that follows.

1)  Webmail (Catmail) icon. -This is where you can check your email or you can use any other email software to do this.

2)  GaView D2L site icon.  -This is the main way you enter into the course. Look for our course in a list after you login. It should look something like this: "Pre-Calculus Section W Spring 20XX". You check your grades here too.

You will find the following information when you login to GaView D2L and check the homepage of the course.

3) Course Calendar link.  This is a day by day calendar of the course. PLEASE CHECK THIS OFTEN! I suggest checking this every time you login into GaView D2L. I will be updating this VERY FREQUENTLY during the semester! This should help you to stay current and up to date with the course. Note: This is not the calendar that's built into GaView D2L.

4) Course Information link. This is where ALL the basic information about the course will be located. This should include any information that I send to you.

5) Course Syllabus link. This is where your course syllabus is ALWAYS located. I recommend you print it and keep one copy available somewhere. Of course you should READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY AND MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THE INFO ON THE SYLLABUS!

6) Course website link. This is where you go to get instruction in the course.  Class videos and notes are located here as well as other information. This contains a lot of information relating to the course. Please READ THIS INFORMATION CAREFULLY! This is the site you will visit most often as you go through the course during the semester.

7) MyMathLab link. This is a link to the MyMathLab website. This is where you will be doing your homework problems and doing practice tests. Also your current homework grade will be located here 24/7.  Note:  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO LEARN HOW TO USE MYMATHLAB. If you have questions you can contact me. You can start the homework and go back to it at a later time. Also you can do the problems as many times as you like until you get them right! Another advantage of the course. Just make sure you make the due date for the homework!

Note these links will also be on the MyMathLab class site.

Mr. Barrs

Students,   (5)

Once you get familiar with the "basics' of the course I want you to start the course by viewing the first video lecture (Section 4.1). Be sure to find a quiet place to do this every time. MAKE SURE TO TAKE NOTES WHILE YOU WATCH THE VIDEOS like you would if you went to a classroom! This is where I believe most of the learning happens in the course as well as doing the HOMEWORK problems! You can print the basic class notes from the class website or just start with a blank sheet of paper it's up to you how you want to do this. Be sure to keep a organized notebook with your class notes in it. You may want to use head phones when viewing the videos if necessary. You of course can view the video lectures as many times as you want and they are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  This is what I consider a great advantage over the traditional "in class" format for this course!

To get to the videos from D2L click on the "Course Website" link.
Here is a quick picture to see this.

To get to the videos from MyMathLab  click on the "Course Website" link or the "Course Videos" link.
Here is a quick picture to see this.

Note: You should also view the section material in the textbook also to get a complete understanding of the material. Remember the textbook is online within the MyMathLab website or in addition to the MyMathLab passcode you can purchase a textbook in the bookstore. The textbook online is listed under the "Chapter Contents" icon on the left side.

After you feel comfortable with this first section then you should go ahead and start the homework problems on MyMathLab.  Note: there is a due date for the homework. It is posted on MyMathLab and you will see it when you start the homework.

Please be careful the course will go by faster than you may think.  DON'T  PROCRASTINATE!  BE SURE TO WORK IN THE COURSE VERY REGULARLY!  I suggest you work on the course DAILY !

PLEASE BE SURE TO GET HELP WITH THE COURSE AS SOON AS YOU NEED IT. Don't put off getting help because you will get behind in the class.

Here is the tutoring contact information for the semester:        There is also help on the MyMathLab website.

FREE Tutoring EGSC  ACE Center (Statesboro HWY 301) - Call 912-623-2400 to get the schedule.
FREE Tutoring EGSC  ACE Center (Swainsboro Campus)  Call 478-289-2151 to get the schedule.
FREE Tutoring EGSC  ACE Center (Augusta Campus)  -   Call 706-729-2246 to get the schedule.

Mr. Barrs